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Cody Cochran – Graphic Designer | Kristof Verbeeck – Coding Engineer

Welcome to the application development company KCFoundation. We are striving to push our name out there and gather more members with creative ideas and coding knowledge that will help further our success and teach us a few things along the way. We are currently working hard on many apps that will soon hit the App Store. We have given away a couple of hints, but can’t reveal much more. We are currently acquiring past students from Full Sail university as interns and plan on using them to their full ability to help code these apps that are in the making. Please check out the site and send us any kind of feedback you believe is necessary to better our site and company!

10405407_468170716659869_753171155170922381_n                 Ralph Draft             photo copy

Roger Draft                   Sylvester Draft                  10348592_467316370078637_1141955155226650545_n


10423739_467379980072276_3452933260373329762_n 740167717370944357_2116749 screen568x568

1511990_448540335289574_2640776592487755851_o screen568x568 mlm screen480x480

1391458_347202825423326_750835774_n 1462630_363407513802857_26725170_o screen480x480 jhj
photo 1 photo 2 screen480x480 knjkh

screen480x480 Winning Logo 10457538_467079873435620_2907808364551264851_n